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Opera Length Black Pearls

$795.00 CAD   $397.50 CAD

Classic Strand of Pearls

$495.00 CAD   $297.60 CAD

Natural Pearl Necklace

$395.00 CAD   $197.50 CAD

Multi Strand Seed Pearl Necklace

$325.00 CAD

Mother Of Pearl Floral Necklace

$395.00 CAD   $197.50 CAD

Grey Pearl Necklace

$295.00 CAD   $147.50 CAD

Rose Coloured Pearl Necklace

$795.00 CAD   $397.50 CAD

Dove Grey Pearl Necklace

$795.00 CAD   $397.50 CAD

Hand Beaded Floral Necklaced

$595.00 CAD   $416.50 CAD

Quartz Necklace With Centre Clasp

$128.00 CAD   $75.00 CAD

Turquoise Carved Necklace

$195.00 CAD   $97.50 CAD

Single Strand Turquoise Bead Necklace

$295.00 CAD

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