About (Original)

Kumari’s Bloor-Yorkville label is a personal project inspired by my time as a buyer for a major brand for which I travelled extensively to fashion shows and product event.

That inspiration lead to the launch of my own brand, which is today Kumari’s.

My mission is simple - to resource, design, and deliver outstanding products made from the finest materials,and with unparalleled
craftsmanship from around the world.

Kumari’s is a celebration of the extraordinary work by talented designers and artisans around the world; the synthesis of dedication and passion.

It is a recognition of the privilege I feel in representing and highlighting the work of so many talented people I meet on my travels to some of the most exotic and remote places.

There is so much complexity and subtlety in so much we take for granted.  At Kumari’s I want to share this subtlety and elegance, and to bring to you the luxury and opulence of the extraordinary I encounter and experience on my adventures to far flung and exotic destinations across the world.

The result is a synthesis of diverse cultural and artistic influences in the creation of uniquely luxurious and sought pieces - a kaleidoscope of colours in handwoven silk, cashmere, and cotton; and exquisite embroidery and design.

I am fortunate and privileged to meet some of the most extraordinary artisans on my travels. I recognizes this privilege as a responsibility for ensuring that our products and transactions are based in the pursuit of ethical enterprise, sustainability, and social responsibility.

I invite you to join me in this journey.