Kumari’s Bloor-Yorkville, owned by Chief Executive Officer Kumari Colson, is a fashion boutique inspired by the aestheticism of cultures she has been immersed in from an early age in life. Based in Toronto, her over 30 years of experience in textile design and manufacturing has allowed her to create a fashion destination which parlays her flair and affinity for vibrancy and travel through an array of unique pieces like shawls, scarves, clothing, and jewellery.

Every handmade piece at Kumari’s is crafted to the highest quality in collaboration with her weavers, embroiderers, craftsmen, and gem cutters who operate out of Nepal. All cashmere pieces are handmade on a wooden loom, similar to ancient techniques used by garment makers generations before, therefore each garment take days on end to complete. Kumari’s emphasizes the importance of creating accessible pieces which are also versatile, exclusive, and high quality for the modern woman.

Colson has been featured in a wide variety of established news and fashion publications like Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star, Fashion, Flare, Canadian Living, Canadian House and Home, Glow, Toronto, Ocean Drive and many more. In addition, her eclectic style has been a place of inspiration for countless fashion editorials over the years. Kumari’s is well-known as a staple in the Yorkville area, a hub for celebrities and influencers who regularly shop the neighbourhood during the annual Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), one of the city’s largest events.

Along with her work in fashion, Colson is a well-known philanthropist. Locally, she supports several charities like St. Michael's Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital, and Progress Place. In addition, she also has philanthropic efforts across the world in Nepal where she backs local charities, fundraisers, and schools.