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Emerald Floral Shawls

Emerald Floral Shawls

A beautiful collection of woven Emerald Floral Shawls.  Each showcasing the expertise of our weavers who have lovingly woven paisley and floral patterns into these shawls.

Worn as a luxurious wrap these Emerald Floral Shawls are certain to add style and glamour to any outfit.  

The harmony of colours and the delicate hues lend an air of sophistication and the ample size offers an exquisite draping experience.

To maintain the pristine condition of these elegant Emerald Floral Shawls, we recommend dry cleaning.  This ensures that the intricate embroidery and delicate fabric are preserved, allowing you to enjoy its beauty for years to come.

Details      Floral

Size  Floral 1 = 

         Floral 2 = 100cm  200cm

         Floral 3 = 70cm  200cm

         Floral 4 = 70 cm 200cm

         Floral 5 = 100cm 200cm

        Floral 6 = 100 cm 200cm

        Floral 7 = 100cm 200cm


Composition  Wool

Care Instructions Dry Clean


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