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Summer Light Wool Scarf

Summer Light Wool Scarf


Product Description

Introducing our Summer Light Wool Scarf, your new fashion accessory that will capture your style with any of these beautiful scarves.   This scarf is not just pretty, it is the secret ingredient that will add a sprinkle of elegance and a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe.

Imagine the feeling of a gentle light wool wrapped around your neck. This beautiful Summer Light Wool Scarf is a nice size  and has a beautiful drape which will add chic and sophistication to any ensemble.

This beautiful Summer Light Wool Scarf is  crafted with the fine wool delivering a smooth, luxurious feel that's oh-so-soft against your skin. Imagine a gentle butterfly landing on a flower – that's the caress you'll experience. Warning: you might fall head over heels for their touch!

One small favour we ask of you: please handle this scarf with the care it deserves. Dry clean only, for this beauty! We want to ensure this Summer Light Wool  Scarf will remain fresh and fabulous for years to come, preserving its enchanting allure.

Details Printed

Size Approx. 75 cm x200 cm

Composition Wool

Care Instructions Dry Clean Only

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