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Merino Wool Silk Printed Shawl

Merino Wool Silk Printed Shawl


Product Description

Our Merino Wool Silk Printed Shawl is all grace and warmth! Destined to be your beloved companion throughout the enchanting days of autumn, this large accessory was meticulously handcrafted from the most exquisite Merino wool for your comfort.

The Merino wool we employ is celebrated for its unparalleled softness and snugness, ensuring you stay comfortably warm on brisk autumn days, while feeling as light as air. Whether you're savouring pumpkin spice lattes at a charming café, meandering through golden-kissed parks, or gracing an autumn soirée, our Merino Wool Silk Printed Shawl complements every moment.

At a generous size of 130 cm by 300 cm, this beautiful floral shawl envelops you in a cocoon of opulent comfort. Its oversized allure permits you to drape it elegantly across your shoulders, creating a fashionable visual spectacle. The intricate floral motifs, an ode to autumn's resplendent blooms, infuses a dash of nature's grandeur into your outfit.

You will want to elevate your fall wardrobe with this versatile masterpiece. Wrap yourself in pure luxury and surrender to the enchantment of autumn with our Merino Wool Silk Printed Shawl.

These beautiful oversized shawls will soon become your favourite accessory for Fall - wrap yourself in pure luxury

Composition 85 % Merino wool + 15% Silk

Size 100 cm by 195 cm

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