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Woven Embroidered Shawls

$395.00 CAD

Hand Painted & Embroidered Masks

$20.00 CAD

Embroidered Floral Scarf

$175.00 CAD   $87.50 CAD

Kashmiri Shawl With Embroidery

$425.00 CAD   $255.00 CAD

Silk Embroidered Scarf

$75.00 CAD

Pastel Embroidered Woven Shawl

$395.00 CAD   $150.00 CAD

Hand Embroidered Tunic

$595.00 CAD   $416.50 CAD

Lightweight Silk Cotton Scarf

$195.00 CAD   $136.50 CAD

Speciality Pashmina Shawl

$395.00 CAD   $276.50 CAD

Cotton Embroidered Shawl

$195.00 CAD   $97.50 CAD

Pashmina Scarf with hand embroidered Kashmiri Border

$295.00 CAD   $147.50 CAD

Kani Shawl

$195.00 CAD   $136.50 CAD

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