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A Pantone Scarf

A Pantone Scarf

 Product Description

A beautiful light fine wool silk wool scarf with a beautiful drape - edged beautifully with a border.  It's a perfect layer piece for all your spring evenings.  Easily draped over your shoulder or worn as a lightweight yet luxurious scarf. 


Gender Neutral

Colourful Finish On Edge

Size approx 70cm + 190 cm


92 % Wool + 8 % Silk

 Care Instructions

Dry Clean


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    To store your cashmere for the season, it is preferable to store them between wears by folding them carefully and placing in a clean drawer or on a shelf.

    Keeping your cashmere stored with cedar wood balls will ensure that they stay fresh and are deterred from moths and mildew. You can also add a lavender satchel for freshness.

    Before doing so, your cashmere garments should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent attraction by clothes moths. Dry cleaning is best in this instance as it is particularly effective in deterring moths.

    Choose a clean place for your cashmere storage that is free from damp and away from sunlight, for example a drawer, shelf, or on top of a wardrobe. Store your knitwear only in a breathable, zip-up plastic bag, along with a couple of cedar wood balls to help keep them fresh.


    If your shawl or scarf becomes creased, you can iron it using the lowest setting and using a cloth between the cashmere and the iron.  

    Do not let the cashmere come in contact with the iron.  

    You can also use a hand held steamer to remove creases.