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Classic Pashmina Shawl

$298.00 CAD

Classic Pashmina Scarf

$178.00 CAD

Cashmere Neck Warmer

$125.00 CAD

Cashmere Travel Blanket

$325.00 CAD   $227.50 CAD

Silk Cashmere Scarf

$295.00 CAD   $147.50 CAD

Luxurious Cashmere Cape - SPECIAL SALE BUY 1 GET 1 FREE -please add your FREE colour choice under comments

$325.00 CAD

Cashmere Lounge Pant

$225.00 CAD

Classic Pashmina Shawl Two Tone

$298.00 CAD   $208.60 CAD

Pom Pom Shawl

$295.00 CAD

Pashmina Scarf Beaded Fringe

$228.00 CAD   $114.00 CAD

Speciality Pashmina Shawl

$395.00 CAD   $276.50 CAD

Kashmiri Shawl With Embroidery - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE - Indicate colour of your FREE shawl under comments section

$425.00 CAD

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